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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Jim Talent and Medicare Part Dupe

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Jim Talent held a press event at exclusive “The Gardens” retirement center in Springfield, April 10, 2006. What he said, and left unsaid, was unsatisfactory.

Talent claimed ignorance on a part of Medicare Part D that’s disturbing to anyone entering into these contracts. When asked a question about the ability of insurance companies to drop insurance coverage for drugs in their plans while requiring patients to stay in the program until the open dates each November, he claimed that would entail an “extraordinary circumstance” that would allow a patient to change to a different plan. Talent claimed he didn’t know for sure, and he would “get back to you” on that issue. I found his answer to this duplicitous. Anyone who has listened to the analysis and commentary on Medicare Part D knows this isn’t true. The customer has no ability to change plans until the November open dates roll around, while the companies can change what drugs are covered at will at any time. He was party to passage of the bill and should have known how this would affect his constituents. His answer is disturbing in either event: he either voted for the bill with this glaring fault, or willfully danced around the issue.

Even more disturbing was Talents desire to make statements about his fellow Senators “Off the record.” I attended the event with camera and steno pad in hand for this blog, and was listening to Talent speak with some attendees, He suddenly stopped, looked directly at me, and said “This is off the record, right?” I replied to him that “You’re never off the record, Senator, you know that.” Talent said he wouldn’t say it then, but did comment that the subject was about what other Senators had to say about the program.

Makes you wonder, what is he telling constituents about his colleagues in the Senate he doesn’t want reported publicly?


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