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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Railroad Plans Unveiled

65 people were on hand for the open forum looking at proposed candidates for new railroad crossings on the East side of Springfield and the Jordan Valley West Meadows project. There was also information available concerning the rail lines parallel to Commercial St. Local resident Robert Brantley spoke to KY3, saying “The people make the City, the people that live there. If the people are taken care of, then the City is taken care of.”

The meeting was opened by a short overview, with one-on-one dialogue following the presentation. Area residents had the opportunity to address their questions with one of the designer’s representatives, or write questions on 3X5 cards for further research. Photo below is an overview of the rail lines plan.

Three different plans were presented for the spur entering Jordan Valley. (Only one is pictured here.)

Some details of the West Meadows project are shown here. Another pdf file is available at http://www.rrstudy.com/ giving more detail on land the park will encompass.

This photo shows the addition of several tracks for train shunting immediately behind several blocks of Commercial St. Some observers were disappointed to see this expansion of railway usage. Area business owners want more parking available north of this business district for future redevelopment of Commercial St.

Of special interest to 137th District residents is the plan to add another track on the antiquidated bridges north of Commercial St. The Broadway closing is in part justified by BNSF and City Manager Tom Finnie by the heavier traffic soon to be run on these tracks. Note the annotation of bridge expansion on Grant Av rail overpass.

Local residents can air their opinions on these plans and on the proposed Broadway Av closure December 6, 2005. A Neighborhood Town Hall meeting is sponsored by City Councilman Denny Whayne at 7:00 pm, Woodland Heights Presbyterian Church. (Atlantic & Grant)

Photos from Flickr, originally uploaded by locofocomoto. Click on photos to view.


Blogger Duane Keys said...

Was there any discussion of the tracks crossing East Chestnut Expressway?

8:42 PM  
Blogger LocoFocoRampant said...

Yes. I apologize to those of you who want infomation about that crossing, my older generation digital camera limits me to only a dozen or so photos. My original stories' focus was on the area closest to my committeeman ward, West Meadows and Broadway.

East Chestnut had at least two plans in the works. I found the firm doing the study very helpful and willing to address questions. Since I don't have the info at hand, I'll have to direct you to them at www.rrstudy.com , or contact Mike MacPherson with the City at 417 864-1031

8:55 PM  
Blogger Duane Keys said...

No problem, I knew about the meeting (and I work at 65 and Chestnut) and train delays are a daily occurance. I just wasn't able to make it to the meeting.

6:37 AM  
Blogger LocoFocoRampant said...

The site at www.rrstudy.com now has the maps for all the "at grade" crossings available in pdf.

12:37 PM  

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