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Friday, December 02, 2005

Money Muzzles Media

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Fired Up! is celebrating their new status as bona fide journalists, exempting them from political reporting. I celebrate with them. Regulating bloggers would lead to the destruction of one of the few venues left for real free speech.

Case in point: “Blunt thrown in the wash with Delay”. Joplin Independent broke the story online. It caught the attention of local political operatives Richard Napieralski, Robert Brantley, and Steven Reed. The story was reposted at Missouri Leadership and Greene County Missouri Democrats, and finally caught the attention of the Springfield News-Leader, but not until some arm-twisting by Reed.

The free speech issue would never have been addressed by the traditional media without these advertising-independent online sources giving it “legs.” Once it was printed in the News-Leader, it gained more attention on Fired Up! and on national blogspots.

In fact, one of the reasons I started this blog is because the News-Leader too-often won’t print letters to the editor responding to the Radical Right’s rants. It’s also provided background information on local issues for area commentators.

Free speech is not free if it’s fettered by money.

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