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Friday, December 30, 2005

City Seeks Justification of Preplanned Outcome

Hear no evil
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Business as usual. No apparently doesn’t mean “No” when that’s not what VBC’s in Springfield want to hear. It’s appalling and unethical to use the self-selected “input” of an editorial appeal to make this decision. The News-Leader knows better, but did it anyway. Their self-selective surveys are not more revealing than a bona fide election.

Those that want the crime lab will be much more motivated to call, or write, or blog in favor of the proposal. The “no” voices will once again be ignored, just as they were ignored concerning Broadway Av closure, the fraternity rezoning approval after the fact, and City Utilities coal vs alternative energy debate.

The News-Leader says “A lot of voters said their main objection was the early childhood education proposal.” For the record, I voted “Yes” to this proposal because I supported the early child care proposal, not the crime lab proposition.

It would set a horrendous precendent to overturn an election based on the kind of input suggested.

When a woman says "No" and a man persists, it's rape. So is this.

News-Leader Editorial


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