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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Churches Cross the Line in Springfield

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Every day, television viewers in this area are treated to the stern visage of Reverend Agee of Cornerstone Church inviting churchgoers to join with him to “Take America Back” –a thinly veiled call to action for the intrusion of religion in politics. Other nationally prominent religious leaders are even less circumspect in their advocacy of right-leaning policy and partisanship.

Twice I’ve pulled my daughter out of churches she attended when they actively advocated political positions I strongly disagreed with. I was shocked and appalled when she came home from Central Assembly one Sunday. Her Sunday school teacher told the 8-10 years old class that all Democrats were going to hell. In the second instance, children riding the Cherry Street Baptist Church bus brought home trading cards depicting war planes, tanks, soldiers and sought-after terrorists.

My daughter is interested in religion, and I encourage her to explore religion and philosophy at her own pace, so that she may make her own decisions on what to believe. But when churches depart from spiritual teachings I must draw the line.

They have no business in political indoctrination, or in war mongering. The realm of religion is spiritual, not earthly.

The saddest part is, in spite of the years she’s attended church, not one invited her to be baptized.

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