"Wing of the Democratic Party made up of workingmen and reformers, opposed to monopolies and financial policies that seemed to them antidemocratic and conducive to special privilege. The Locofocos received their name when party regulars turned off the gas lights to oust the radicals from a Tammany Hall nominating meeting. The radicals responded by lighting candles with new matches known as locofocos and nominated their own slate." (From: http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9048706 )

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Axe Grinding and Rabble Rousers

King James' Bane
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An oft heard refrain in city governments and in government in general, is how little average people are engaged in civics. Zoning meetings can be quite dull, often the only speakers to an individual motion is the person who initiated it. Public forums are lauded a success when a handful of people show up. News photographers often must strategically place their shots to make it look like someone even cares.

What I find disturbing is the recent trend in Springfield’s Various Boards and Committees (VBC’s) to belittle citizen involvement as people with “an axe to grind,” or a group characterized as “rabble rousers.” It seems whenever opposition springs up to a certain position or policy these tags come out. No doubt, that’s probably what King Charles I of England thought of Cromwell and Parliament back in the day.


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