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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Attention Roy Blunt Shoppers.....

Money money money money
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Bet Roy's donors don't know that their donations are helping him and his cronies live high on the hog. Here's what is in his October 2005 Quarterly FEC report:

$3935 Tickets to Springfield Cardinals games
$5914 Food and Beverages, mostly in Wash. DC area swanky restaurants
$720 paid to Gandel Liquors for Booze
$850 paid to Pacific Cigar Company
$1901 paid to Justice Jewelers for "lapel pins"
$27,939 Visa Cards
$41,259 -----more than a lot of SW MO families make for a whole year!

And don't forget his pals at Thompson Communications, they billed him for $81,117 in these three months.

Photo from Flickr Money money money money Originally uploaded by skettalee.


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