"Wing of the Democratic Party made up of workingmen and reformers, opposed to monopolies and financial policies that seemed to them antidemocratic and conducive to special privilege. The Locofocos received their name when party regulars turned off the gas lights to oust the radicals from a Tammany Hall nominating meeting. The radicals responded by lighting candles with new matches known as locofocos and nominated their own slate." (From: http://www.britannica.com/eb/article-9048706 )

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Democratic Dissaffection

I first found the term "Locofoco" in a tattered copy of a book of Abraham Lincoln's correspondence. It was an obscure reference at the time, but is now seeing a resurgence in usage by people tired of the "Republican Light" version of the Democratic Party. Here's a rather radical sampling of it's new incarnation from the Punk Rock band "Fleshies."


equal rights!
we want equal rights!
we're gonna tear it down!
we'll storm the armory, get all the guns
establish a new world order and then we're done
it's this kind of voice that can only be heard
when things are good, at least for the powerful
when the downturn comes
everyone turns back into a rugged individual
what'll we do when there are fights in the street
for a burger king job?
how are you gonna screw the system
when your movement's a purposeless blob?
it's time for a plan, but socialism's been done to death
maybe a kneejerk reaction could be effective
if it cuts a wide enough swath
it's pretty simple really
just remember the end of the world is nigh
and thank whoever you want that we've got the technology
to make everyone die
when i've got it in my hands
i'll be a locofoco motherf#*ker

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